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Silver City, New Mexico,
April 8, 2016

Sorry for the delay in completing this entry. Friday's ride was exhausting in many ways. And I am still trying to recover on Monday and not doing well. Anyway, ...

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we started before sunrise in Van Horn as we were scheduled for a tour of the San Antonio Shoe factory in Del Rio. At the time of departure I intended to stay overnight in Del Rio, 300+ miles in a day is enough for this old man.

Our main concern was encountering mule deer in the dark and it turned out we saw none. Our initial tareget was Alpine where we would have breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast Restaurant, a usual stop over when in Alpine.

We proceeded in three groups: Bill and Rick who had gone to Alpine earlier, Rob and Don did some shopping then headed home, and Darryl, Jack, David, and I went to Del Rio for the tour. The ride there was the usual, uninspiring West Texas geography through Dryden, Sanderson, Langtry, and Comstock. Weary from a long ride with winds near the end, we stopped for the tour.

And what a tour it was. We received a wonderful reception and learned so much about making shoes that it would take a book to explain it all. Suffice it to say, we were impressed.

Darryl and I then decided to forego the stay in Del Rio and struck out for home. David decided at the last minute to join us and Jack went to the motel to cancel the reservations. The choice to complete the ride in one fell swoop was probably a bad idea as I am still trying to recover from tne 400+ mile ride three days later.

I will be updating this journal in a few days after I edit additional images and collect my thoughts. I'll let those I previously alerted when these updates are finished. In the meantime, thanks for joining me on this ride.

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