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Silver City, New Mexico,
April 06, 2016

What can I say.

We thought yesterday was the day to beat all days. We arrived home in the late afternoon exhausted but excited from the ride. We had a brief debate as to what we would do ...

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... the next day then we all retired without any conclusions. So, when we arose this morning ,we had a powwow and agreed that we did not want to repeat yesterday's exhausting venue but rather have a more relaxed ride of about 140 miles max.

We started with breakfast in a restaurant across the street which was unique in that the cook only knew how to prepare one meal at a time. Therefore, the 10 of us received our meals five minutes apart over an hour and 15 minutes. The food was good, but what was more enjoyable was the camaraderie of the group. This group has molded into a solid group of people with little, if any, disagreements. Perhaps we try to accommodate the other far too much and so we end up not knowing what the hell were going to do because we all say I'm good with whatever.

Anyway, we launched southward toward a road we had not originally planned. As it turned out the entire route we followed was exciting, satisfying, new, pleasurable, and you can add any other adjective you wish for the first 40 miles. Although the beginning was sort of boring and flat in-between mountain and desert highways, once we achieved the destination of the state highways and followed those routes it was exhilarating.

For the most part, we followed a creek filled with cottonwood trees and you could follow that creek from miles away by the brand-new, bright green leaves of the cottonwood growing all along the creek bed. We then headed towards the Gila Cliff dwellings of Indians from seven or eight hundred years ago and worked our way up to that location. Along the way we encountered some rather challenging twisties that we had sworn we would not ride again. But, we could no longer avoid them because it was the only road to our destination.

Once there everybody enjoyed this cliffside housing arrangement. I guess you could call it an original condo set up by the Indians for shelter from the elements way back when there wasn't any way to build such a shelter in the Southwest.

We then returned to Silver City by a route that according to the maps was a gentle curving descent into the city. It turned out to be a serious, convoluted route with clothespin turns (forget hairpin). Some were the tightest turns I've had to encounter in a long time. We successfully navigated about 20 miles up and 10 miles across the top of the plateau and another 20 miles down and by the time we reached home about 3:30 in the afternoon everybody decided that was one of the rides we will remember ...and not want to repeat again for another year.

Everybody then went for dinner at a local restaurant where we swapped life stories, complaints, and other conversatios as our final act together as a group.

If you've read this far on this website you will know that there are some gaps. I intend to rejuvenate this site including videos and images that were not available at the time I wrote it so don't give up hope. I will add another entry tomorrow evening recapping most of what I've talked about so return and enjoy

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