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Silver City, New Mexico,
April 02, 2016

It was a cold morning today after the cold front and hail and wind of yesterday. The pre-day temperature was about 40 degrees with a wind chill of the upper 30s. But having packed and being ready I launched before sunrise and headed toward Yoli's Cantina where we were to congregate by 7:30 AM....

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After a refreshing breakfast, many cups of coffee, and some meaningless conversation and lies it was time to hit the road. Before we launched we discovered Bill had suffered a torn tire and would have to replace it before he could join the ride. So we started without Bill and David Newell who was helping Bill. The plan evolved over the next hour or so and we were to meet the tire repairmen in Eden, Texas, as we passed through.

About 11 o'clock it finally got warm enough where we didn't need heated grips and we didn't shiver so much in the more than cool breezes. The warming air also allowed us to enjoy the flowers along the way. In the Hill Country, the roadside views have been astounding. Large swaths of bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes dominate the sides of the roads. At one point, we saw a Rough Legged Hawk kiting over the highway.

As you leave the Hill country and enter the high plains the geography becomes blander and the trees become scarcer. Large fields of agricultural efforts surround you on the ride. Masses of winter wheat and newly plowed and disced fields ready for cotton spread from side to side for miles. Texas is once again awakening and preparing for another summer of production. The most inspiring aspect of today's ride is how BIG Texas is. We started in South Central Texas and rode all day. We will ride all day again tomorrow and then finally leave the State. I saw a map that overlayed Texas on Europe. The State is almost as large as the Europian Continent.

We stopped in San Angelo at McAlister's Deli for lunch where I had a BLT and chips. Everyone's meal was good and the break was welcome. Bill and David caught up with us just before lunch and in tiime to make the final run to Midland - a rather boring experience for all with only vast expanses of flatness, the smell of oil [most of the rigs were idle - perhaps because of the price of oil], and the repetitive scenery.

All in all, however, the day was great and we all had a wonderful experience on our way to New Mexico where the real riding will take place.

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