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Silver City, New Mexico,
April 01, 2016

It's time for another trip. This one is the birthchild of Rob Golden, a regular rider with the Hill Country Road Riders Group. And, for me, the trip begins today. We will meet Saturday ...

Comments Continued

... for breakfast and last minute planning at Yoli's Cantina in Boerne, Texas. There will be 11 guys on this trip. 10 of them, whose pictures and names appear on the first two images of this album, will travel from the San Antonio area to Silver City. Mike Egan will travel from the Phoenix area and join up with us in Silver City.

There was a brief period when it looked as though I would not be able to make the trip for one of two reasons: First, my bike was in the shop for service and a new rear tire and due to the lack of parts and failure of the parts manager to order them in a timely manner my bike was not prepared for me to use until two days ago. Second, I suffered a two week bout of one of the worst upper respiratory infections I've had in years which healed itself with the help of medicine only four days ago.

At any rate, Rob could not have picked a better time for this ride. Everything is growing now in our spring and the temperatures have not yet reached the brutal territory we suffer in the July/August time frame. Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, Prairie Verbena, Red Tip Photenia, and all manner of flowers and plants are pushing forth new beauty. It is a gorgeous beginning to a trip.

Among other things I did on this next to final day before departure was to visit the local Whataburger outlet to fulfill my yearning need for a Whataburger fix before I launch on the trip and have withdrawal pains over the next seven days.

I wrote the above comments late on Thursday night. Then about 5AM Friday I awoke to thunder and rain. At 8AM I was drawn to the window to watch it hail amidst thunder and rain. What a change from yesterday. George Lewis sent a picture of the hail and I snapped a picture of the thermometer. Rob's choice of timing is still good, however, as the temps are supposed to rise into the 70's by Saturday.

I will leave from Yamaha Lane on Saturday morning to join up with everyone at Yoli's. From there we will travel to Midland, Texas, and this journal will continue. In the meantime, enjoy your visit. Enjoy the album pictures that I hope to post every evening of this trip along with appropriate comments about the ride and observations along the way.

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