THE BIG BEND APRIL 2014 TRIP PAGE ... Explore, Discover, Enjoy

This is a trip of special significance as it was in honor of a long standing HCRR rider who died from complications related to cancer. The riders on this trip were able to scatter the rider's ashes over an area that was the rider's favorite travel spot.

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Once in a while I have made a trip to the Texas Big Bend National Park. Sometimes I go fast. Sometimes I go slow. Those who go with me and are fast usually take IH 10 or US 90 and race to the destination. Alpine, Texas, - the usual stopping place on the trip west. From there the riders go south into the Park for a day ride the next day and spend a night in the Davis Mountains before heading home. My route is somewhat different. I don't like high speed runs anywhere and choose to break the trip to Alpine into two days. Therefore, on this ride, I will be spending the first night of my travel in the lonely and almost ghost town of Comstock.

Some have questioned my choice of Comstock as the overnight location. I don't blame them their questions. But Comstock filled a major element of my criteria for short run travel. It was about half way between my home and Alpine Texas. That fulfilled the relaxed route criteria. It had a motel that, according to recent visitors, was a clean, upgraded, and pleasant place to spend the night as well as an adventurous stop-over.

The following information about Comstock comes from Wikipedia and is included for background information on this small, hardly noticed, community on US 90:

Comstock itself was founded around 1883 on the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway as the line drove west toward El Paso. Although first platted as Sotol City, it was later named for John Comstock, a railroad dispatcher.

The town was located near a natural lake, which was used for the town's water supply but is today only intermittent. The town was granted a post office in 1888, but its remote location and limited resources kept the town from growing quickly. Comstock's was at the height of its activity between 1888 and 1910, when the Deaton Stage Line operated between the town's railroad depot and the city of Ozona some sixty miles (100 km) north. The depot at Comstock did not long outlast the stagecoach line, and although the names on the businesses have changed little has changed in the town in 70 years.

The small contingent of my friends who will be launching with me on this trip to the Big Bend National Park in West Texas will gather with me on Easter Sunday, April 20, for breakfast at my home. The final destination is Alpine, Texas. Four of the 11 who are making this trip will not depart on Easter Sunday with the others. Two of them will meet us in Alpine and two others will leave on Monday for Alpine but will make the trip in a single high-speed interstate highway approach. The visit to the Park will be a three day event with travel time on the outer edges of the visit.

Those who are making the trip, in alphabetical order by last name, are:

Joe Alvarez
Darryl Bubar
BJ Carr
Mike Egan
Wayne Fieldsmith
Richard Finlayson
Rob Golden
Bill Hart
Don Morse
Barry Solomon
Gary Younglove

Mike Egan, Wayne Fieldsmith, Bill Hart, and Don Morse will meet the remainder of this group of friends in Alpine as they will travel separately from the others. Mike will come from Phoenix, Arizona. Wayne will come from Dallas. And Bill Hart and Don Morse will travel separately from the San Antonio area directly to Alpine on Monday.

The remainder of this small group will meet for breakfast at the Younglove's house on Easter Sunday morning before taking a leisurely trip through the Hill country toward the Big Bend area with a stop at Comstock, Texas, as discussed above. I am always interested in adventure. We will see how many memories this night's stay creates. Ask me about Slidell, LA, sometime - but prepare for a long story.

Listed below are links to the albums I will prepare while I am on the road. Each of the albums will include photographs and comments as time allows. Enjoy your visit and, as always, send comments using the Contact Info link on the left.