Appalachia 2013

Younglove Crest




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An old and dear friend, Mike Egan, has been urging me to plan another motorcycle trip that includes him for a long time. I have finally succumbed to his insistence and have put together a ride in the eastern part of this country. Mike has never been there so it becomes a special trip for me as well. I want to share with him all the beauty the East holds. He has seen the West. Now it's time to 'Go East Young Man...Go East' I am becoming more excited about the trip as each day progresses. It is now only a few weeks away.

This part of my website is where it will all happen on this trip. I will try to record the significant events of the trip here. But don't expect a lot of dialog. I've tried that before and it takes too much out of the day to keep up. So this year's journal will be merely a series of albums and images for your perusal. I will add each journal album at the end of each day's ride (hopefully). You can check this page in the morning to see if I have been faithful to my own wishes the night before or you can opt to be on a list I will use to notify those who want to be alerted when I update the site. If you want to be on this list, click HERE and send the email that it generated.

A few comments on how best to review these 'album journals' is appropriate. On the left of each album page is the dialog for that day's journey. Because the dialog will exceed the height of the main image on the right, you will have to scroll down to find the preview images that allow you to progress through the album. The main image will remain fixed. You should be able to figure it out quickly. Also, I am writing these journal entries on the run and I can guarantee there will be a number of misspellings and such. Please overlook them. You can click on each image if you don't want to use the 'Play' button.

Enjoy your time here. I hope you have a pleasant visit and am open to any input you have. If you desire to comment, you can send me an email HERE.