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This section covers a motorcycle trip in and around Santa Fe
- The Oldest Capital In The United States -

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This SANTA FE section of my site is devoted to a motorcycle trip to Santa Fe to spend a week with some old farts from the HCRR Motorcycle Club (?) I ride with on saturday mornings.

A good and generous member of the group and whom I consider a good friend in this age of out-living your peers has offered his home and another property in Santa Fe to members of this questionable group of bikers. He has planned rides in the mountains around Santa Fe and other activities of interest to those who have been able to make the trip. He is a good and sensitive and committed person who is a symbol of what America stands for in this crazy stuff that is going on. All of us taking advantage of his offer believe him to be what we would hope to be if we tried hard enough.

His name is Barry Solomon. Remember it because you will read of him often in the journals I will be writing.

You can access the journals and albums of travel activity by reading the Follow The Travel column to the right or click on the date or video or album listed at the bottom under the dialog. It is my endeavor to write something and , hopefully, add an album every evening after the day's activites are done. This may be difficult as there is no consistency on the schedule - some bed early and others late; some rise early and others late; some like to share stories and even kabitz on into the evening with conversations I may not be able to leave behind; some may need to discuss something in which I am deeply involved; I may just decide to call it a day.

I will do as best I can. Enjoy as you desire and find time to peruse.

Gary - The Long Rider


Each day I will post something. Use this column to follow my wheels on the road and link to the detail behind each limited entry. Dates used indicate the day of travel.


Videos and An Album -- Posted on Wednesday, July 18 2012
You can see a few videos HERE and a single but very large album of many pictures HERE

June 12, 2012 - Headin' Home -- Posted on Wednesday, July 18 2012
It was an early start today - in fact, before the sun was up but still light enough to be safe. I wanted to make it to Big Spring, Texas, before the punishing heat of the day could burn through my white shirt and fry me.... (More)

June 11, 2012 - The Rise and Fall Continues -- Posted on Saturday, July 14 2012
I don't have any notes on today's activity and must rely wholly on my fleeting memory. Such fleeting memory is not a good barometer of what happened this day. But there is another type of memory - the eventful kind.... (More)

Wha' Happened - June 10, 2012 -- Posted on Thursday, July 5 2012
Don't expect any flowery travel dialogue today. The party last night was outrageously enjoyable and at the same time fostered an unfavorable effect on my ability to function. I am certain ... (More)

Ampitheater In The Wild - June 9, 2012 -- Posted on Monday, July 2 2012
We arose early the next morning and gathered outside our rooms in preparation for breakfast. We had scouted out a small restaurant nearby that had been recommended the day before by a gentleman on the train ... (More)

Choo Choo Train - June 8, 2012 -- Posted on Sunday, July 1 2012
Today was a very busy day. The plan included leaving Santa Fe at sunrise if not a little before and riding to Chama, New Mexico. We needed to arrive at Chama in time to have breakfast, purchase tickets ... (More)

All entries updated June 21. More Coming in Next Few Days. -- Posted on Thursday, June 21 2012

Windy Elements - June 7, 2012 -- Posted on Tuesday, June 12 2012
I write this entry while I overnight in Big Spring, Texas, after the trip (as all journals now have to be). Bill (Driver) Hart and Barry (Bruiser) Solomon will remember well our last time in this place and I can now attest to the fact that nothing has changed. The Eagle Shale oil extraction effort has consumed this area ... (More)

Enchanted Round About - June 6, 2012 -- Posted on Tuesday, June 12 2012
Our target this day was Taos, New Mexico, and what is known as The Enchanted Circle. This beautiful scenic road is a circular ride connecting three ski areas called Taos, Red River, and Angle Fire. Having skied all three of these areas when was a younger and ... (More)

Riding North Into History - June 5, 2012 -- Posted on Sunday, June 10 2012
Okay. I know I've missed a few days in this journal. It's tough getting old and trying to keep up with the youngsters. But I'm back now and ready to bring you up to speed....(More)

Rollin' Into Roswell - June 4, 2012 -- Posted on Monday, June 4 2012
Day two of my travels and 500 miles behind me. It makes me think of that song about a hundred miles to go or something of that nature. At any rate, I began earlier this morning ... (More)

A Hot Day - June 3, 2012 -- Posted on Sunday, June 3 2012
The first day of travel on this limited trip. I was up early and took my time getting ready for this first venture on my Venture in two years.

It was a grand and glorious morning with cool temperatures and cloudy skies when I departed. I started at about eight o'clock with a wave from Donna and a good luck blown kiss. In a matter of minutes I was on IH 10 and set the cruise control to 72 miles an hour. Although the speed limit is 75 in this area and 80 further west, I ambled onward toward the Segovia truckstop I have frequented in the past on my journies... (More)

Day One And Counting - June 2, 2012 -- Posted on Sunday, June 3 2012
Every motorcycle trip I have taken has given me cause for trepidation before the trip began. My first trip up the middle of America to Milwaukee was on my first bike the Yamaha VStar 1100 or what has become known as Thunderbike. It was my first ever ... (More)

Santa Fe 2012 - June 1, 2012 -- Posted on Friday, June 1 2012

So this year's trip has finally taken focus.

Barry Solomon, the gentleman who rode with me and Bill Hart on the Northwest passage trip we took at least two or three years ago, came up with the idea that some of us from the Hill Country Road Riders (HCRR) motorcycle group would enjoy riding in the areas around Santa Fe where he has a home. Eight of us have decided to join him. Others ... (More)

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