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Most Recent Journals

June 30: The Focus Has Become Clear

It's time to be home.

I left Jackson in another cool morning of bright blue skies and adventure. I had the final segment of the Natchez Trace...(more)

June 29: The Thrill Is Back But Weariness Reigns

Because I am back into a Central Time Zone my internal clock is not in tune with the actual local time. Therefore, I awoke...(more)

June 28: A Day Off With Pay

Larry and Susie and I had a wonderful dinner last night and drank our fill of the libations. Many great stories flowed with the wine and the cocktails. At some point we reach the edge of reality...(more)

Other Trips

Other trips I have taken are presented on my website under the Travels link. You can access my site from this paragraph or through the link on the bottom of the left sidebar.

Trip Progress

I have included a map below of the general route of travel flowing counter clockwise. The trip begins on June 1, 2009. At various places on this map I have also included the approximate dates we will be in various regions of the country.

Map Of Trip