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The trip I took across this great country is detailed in this website.  The glory of an 8,000 mile ride on a motorcycle is over now, but the memory lingers on....

A book length version of this trip has been published.  Click HERE or on the book's cover to the right for details.

Copy of article published by RoadBike Magazine available HERE.

Copy of review published by RoadBike Magazine available HERE

The trip included travel through 16 states in the order listed here.  Use the drop down menu items above for details and access to journals and albums.

Texas » Louisana » Mississippi » Alabama » Florida » Georgia » Tennessee » Missouri » Arkansas » Texas » New Mexico » Arizona » Nevada » California » Nevada » Idaho » Utah » Colorado » New Mexico » Texas

All journals and albums covering the entire trip are now available HERE.

Keep in mind that the images available with the journals and albums are raw and unedited and present merely a sense of the trip.  We aren't professional photographers but we do a pretty good job. Albums for each segment are indicated to the right of the journal to which they apply. Expect about 900 images if you look at them all.

Reason I delayed Part Two a week...Here

This web site exists for one reason only...to document a coast-to-coast trip in two parts while I visit the remaining F4E Phantom II aircraft that were once assigned to the USAF Thunderbirds.  For details on how this trip got started, why I am making the trip, and for the journal entries I will make along the way, click on the History tab above.  The map below shows the general route of the entire trip.  Each part of the trip begins in San Antonio, Texas, and is mapped in the appropriate section of the Travel Plans link shown above.  The route follows the southern section going out and the northern section coming home. The markers indicate the locations of the F-4Es I will visit (See Aircraft Above).

NOTE: The trip was an awesome adventure with sights and experiences without equal. The black line is the planned route.  The green line is the actual route.  Enjoy your visit!

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