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Salina, Kansas
October 2015

Donna and I made a trip to Salina, Kansas, for the purpose of laying to rest her father's ashes. Ernest Robert Pinti died at the age of 92 in May 2015 and we placed his remains next to his wife, Louetta, who had died in 2002.

We stayed at the home of Leona Eckley (Donna's cousin) in Salina. Our trip took us through Prosper, Texas (where we visited our grand children) and Park City, Kansas (where we visited our nephew Seth and wife, Renee, and daughter, Hayden). The ashes were placed in the ground in a cemetary in Solomon, Kansas, a nearby community where Louetta had grown up.

While in Salina we visited Concordia, Kansas, a City that hosts a convent, a museum honoring the Orphan Train movement of years past, and the world's largest three dimensional brick facade. To top off our visit we had a lunch of Cozy hamburgers, a long-time staple of Salina fare that is know to some as far away as New York City.

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