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During the period I spent trying to outwit the animals (mostly deer) and succeed in growing something on the land, I built a 'Nature Trail' that wound throughout the property. I gave names to sections of the trail such as East Beds, The Loop, Shady Lane. It was a satisfying endeavor even though it was exhausting work. I spread landscape fabric and hauled in loads of mulch for the trail. It looked wonderful. I planted many plants. They looked wonderful. Two things happened: the deer found the trail and its plants; and the flood rains found the trail. The mulch ended up in the river and the plants ended up in the deer. I put a fence around it all and I replaced the mulch with gravel. You can see an aerial view of the property and the trail marked in green HERE. Close the popup window to return here forsome pictures of this 1,500 foot trail on my two acres. Best start is Deckside and then follow the sequence.

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