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Rebuilding The Pond

The garden pond built into the deck was in need of redevelopment and replacement.  This project involved: ...

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  • removing all the existing pond liner and support structure
  • removing existing waterfall structure
  • reshaping boundaries of pond to remove angles that stretched the liner
  • digging the pond bottom to a consistent depth throughout
  • re-installing padding and liner in the new shape
  • rebuilding the waterfall feature
  • installing a new skimmer-type recirculation system
  • Repairing and upgrading the lighting around the deck and pond
  • Finishing out the trim around the pond
  • Installing a predator guard around the pond
  • Installing new water plants in an easier to maintain configuration
  • Reintroducing fish to the pond
  • Other things as they arose

Subsequent to completion, modification were made when the railing was installed. Predator guard removed, skimmer water recycle removed and UV filter installed. Shape and function remained the same.

This was a satisfying project as the results were visible immediately and the atmosphere it added to our time on the deck was significant.It is also amazing how quickly aquatic animals showed up to take residence.

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