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this is a list of the trees according to my definition (woody...ten or more feet tall). Click Once on a name to see a picture of the tree I took on my property. If the tree has a small green dot () before its name, click Twice to see a Close-Up of the tree. Depending on your download speed, please wait for the image. A small red x (x) means there is no image yet.

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x  Ash Juniper
  Bald Cypress
  Big Tooth Maple
x  Black Walnut
  Black Willow
x  Bradford Pear (Summer)
  Bradford Pear (Spring)
  Bur Oak
  Carolina Buckthorn
  Cedar Elm
x  Cherry Laurel
  Chinaberry Tree
  Chinese Pistache
  Chinese Tallow
  Chinkapin Oak
x  Creek Plum (Spring)
  Creek Plum (Summer)
  Crepe Myrtle
  Desert Willow
  Evergreen Sumac
  Fig Tree
  Golden Ball Lead Tree
    Golden Rain Tree
x  Gum Bumelia
x  Hackberry
x  Japanese Ligustrum
x  Japanese Yew
  Lacey Oak
x  Lemon
  Live Oak
  Mexican Buckeye (Spring)
  Mexican Buckeye (Summer)
  Mexican Plum (Spring)
  Mexican Plum (Summer)
x  Mexican White Oak
  Orchid Tree
  Palovede (Retama)
x  Pinon Pine
x  Possumhaw Holly (Summer)
x  Possumhaw Holly (Winter)
  Pyracantha (Fall)
  Pyracantha (Spring)
  Redtip Photinia
  Rough Leaf Dogwood (Spring)
x  Rough Leaf Dogwd. (Summer)
  Shumard (Texas) Oak
  Silver Maple (Summer)
    Silver Maple (Fall)
    Sweet Gum (Summer)
    Sweet Gum (Fall)
x  Sycamore
  Texas Persimmon
x  Texas Pistache
  Texas Redbud (Summer)
  Texas Redbud (Spring)
  Thornless Honey Locust
x  Two Leaf Senna
  Vitex (Blue)
  Vitex (White)
  Western Soapberry
Silver Maple in the Fall

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