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Triplets Video

There is a clue in crossword puzzles that fits this clip to a tee. It is olio - not to be confused with oleo, the fake butter spread. This clip is comprised of a number of smaller clips, hence olio or miscellany.

We begin with swimming activity wherein the girls learn more about swimming in their Aunt and Uncle's swimming pool. They have taken to the water very well.

Next, we travel to Nana and Patata's place and have a little table imaginary life for a while followed by a walk on Patata's nature trail. They always want to 'walk the trail' when they visit. I love it.

You have to keep your eyes peeled on the screen to catch their Happy Easter wishes after they return to their home in Prosper but they come back to my home quickly for a ride around the driveway on their new bicycles.

The Beatles song 'Leave My Kitten Alone' has been one of their favorites for a long time and they dance their hearts out in my office during their visit. Amazing energy and happiness.

Back in the Dallas area, they go to the Dallas Zoo and ride a camel and have fun on the slides in the zoo's play area. All in all - a good time for our favorite girls.

And then when I visit after my 2015 Colorado TripThey have a little fun playing like actresses for their Nana.

Triplet Video #15

The Grand Mixture