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Triplets Video

I like this segment. It shows the girls in happiness all the way. Makes me feel good.

We begin with cookies. Always a good thing to do with little ones be they girls or boys. The triplet twins have always been interested in doing things and are more than eager to help out whenever and whereever.

From there we move on to riding Patata's legs and riding Patata's and Daddy's shoulders. This is always a time for laughing and enjoying their youth.

The final segment is special. Bella has always said she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. This segment cover a short section of a TV show during Christmas when there was a ballet in play and the girls were watching. They began to copy the scenes they were watching. Near the beginning Andi tries to walk on her toes as she sees the ballerinas do and fades out of site around the corner. Listen to the love in her father's laugh. It is precious.

Above all...this is a video about love. It is how we all should live.

Triplet Video #13

The Cookie Makers, Leg and Shoulder Riders, Ballet Dancers Finest Moments