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Triplets Video

This is a delightful set of a few clips only.

The triplet twins get to experience their first awareness of a beach and the ocean. Granted, it is only the Gulg of Mexico. But it is part of an ocean and even I still think of it that way. They frolic and such. I would love to have been a little something in the mind to see what they wee thinking.

From there we move on to making hotdogs wrapped in pastry. When I told the girls we called them 'pigs in a blanket' they responed with "What?" They found my description very funny and laughed openly and with now reservations. Such is the mind of a child.

The final segment is at Pawpaw and Gigi's home where they play in and under the sprinkler. Good times. Good fun.

Triplet Video #11

The Sandy, Hot Dogs, and Sprinkler Experiences