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Triplets Video

This is one of the better videos so far that displays the girls' talents as a two-some. All of these clips took place during the Christmas holidays of 2011 when the girls were a little over a month shy of their third birthday. Piper's memory is now 11 months old. We are still missing her dearly. But the Triplet Twins are providing us with entertainment that tickles our bones to the core.

They have picked up an enormous amount of knowledge and routines and continue their inexhaustable interest in all around them. In the first clip, hang around long enough to hear them sing Jingle Bells. In the second clip watch them devour books they received for Christmas gifts.

Things get pretty interesting as they work on reciting their ABCs a couple of times and they do it with such finesse. After that they veer away from Christmas themed things and sing songs we have all learned as children. What a treat! And as they go off to bed they keep the chorus alive and us in wonder at their beauty.

Triplet Video #10

The Triplet Twins Choir