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Triplets Video

There's almost too much to keep up with. The triplet twins are growing like corn in Kansas in June. They never seem to stop. Always on the move. We love it as we are exausted by it and mesmerized by it.

This video covers a walk to the park near our home. It is a tradition that we walk to the park where they play and answer the question from strangers: "Are you twins?" And invariably answer "No. We are triplets." This calls forth the next question of where is you sister? And they let the questioner know, in one way or another, that Piper is no longer with us but not forgotten

Swimming in a five inch pool on the deck is fun as is jumping on Nana and Patata's bed - especially the segment where Nana is told to get off the bed.

Back home the girls learn a little balancing capability on their father's knees, Bella learns to drink from a glass, and the 'biker babes' roll their thunder through the house. A cameo of Andi is briefly added...see if you can find it.

Triplet Video #7

The Fun Never Ends