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Triplets Video

There are a variety of clips in this video.

We start with an unbelievable race around the kitchen island with huffs and puffs and a constant stream of twin-like talk. Just watching this should make you feel as though you are out of breath

Then we have a short session in the make believe spa where I get my back rub in a most unusual way. Quite felt pretty good.

From there we watch the girls try their hand at motorcycling, albeit on the plastic, foot powered type. They picked up on how to motivate the vehicles in about 15 seconds. It was amazing how they learned to do it almost instinctively.

Future landscape druggies, as is their mom, they then move plants around like there is no end to it all. It is not evident what they had in mind but they did it well.

Back to the table where everything happens and we see a little samaritan work by Andi and an expression of love that would melt any grandfather - guaranteed.

We wrap up the video with a visit to our neighbor's back deck on our way home from the park nearby. The girls have no fear of investigating or exploring. By the time this video ended, I was feeling I needed to sit down.

This video brought back many warm and fulfilling memories.

Triplet Video #6

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