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Triplets Video

The triplet twins have by now learned that books are for reading and they get into the act seriously. Unfortunately, Piper's condition prevents her from sharing in the activity. She has been diagnosed Leigh's Disease - a mitochondrial disorder that will eventually take her from us. More on that in the videos dedicated to her elsewhere on this website.

The two bundles of activity known as Andi and Bella are ceaseless movements fill with curiosity and growing independence. Everything is new and wonderful and their endless wanderings around the house can easily wear out the older members of the family just by watching them.

They have fully assimilated themselves into their environment and take on the new house with the ease of professionals. It seems nothing is beyond their reach and they are completely comfortable with who they are. A couple tender moments with Piper are included in this video near the end.

Triplet Video #4

The Independence Grows