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Triplets Video

Once the girls gained their legs, they were unstoppable. Every nook and cranny was a place to investigate. There was an unending series of new things. Life was becoming more than just food and dirty diapers.

It was crawling everywhere as fast as possible followed by sitting and then standing. Wow. This walking thing allows us to go almost everywhere possible. And they loved it. But Piper was not able to join in the exploration or activity. Her plight was more severe than previously thought. Her future was not bright. I cover her experience in a later video.

The Triplet Twins, as I call them, continued to grow and acquire talents. And they especially liked food and gibberish. Their antics were enjoyable and fulfilling. It was a wonderful time to be around them and watch with awe at how they were learning everything about themselves and where they were.

They took to the apartment living for nearly six months (while a new home was under construction) without a blink of an eye. They inspected the house under construction and deemed it good enough. They had no cares in all the world because they were surrounded with love. They danced with joy and found everything within reach worth inspection.

Triplet Video #3

The Movements Begin In Ernest