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Triplets Video

The real work began once all the girls were ensconced in their own home. Freed from the confines of their incubators, they showed remarkable growth and improved cognizance of what was happening around them. Their curiosities were blooming and they began interacting.

The entire family on both side had their own share of helping duties to perform. Glenda and Deane (Belinda's parents) were there mostly as Donna and Gary were miles away in Central Texas. Still, raising three little urchins all screaming for food or cleansing at the same time is a taxing occurance for parents of multiples, as they call these young'ns now-a-days.

It was not a long time until the girls were able to hold their own bottles and signal their intentions and desires in one way or another. The growth in understanding and assimilation continued unabated and portended greater movement and activity in the near future.

This video takes you up to the point where they begin to walk and take control of some of their own actions. It was during this time that we began to notice that Piper was not progressing as much as her sisters. The doctors and specialists believed it was a factor of her prematurity and believed she would eventually catch up with her sisters.

Triplet Video #2

The First Few Months Flow