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Triplets Video

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, the triplets were born early and thus were of greatly diminuative size. If you had been there, you would have been aware that Bella was small enough (1 lb. 11 oz.) to fit nicely in your cupped hands with room to spare. The triplet's tiny-ness was something that amazed us all.

Piper weighed in at 3 lb. 4 oz. and Andi in the middle at 2 lb. 9 oz. All three required incubator time to overcome their early delivery. I wonder sometimes why we call it 'delivery' (sort of a negative thing) when it is more like 'introduction' (sort of a positive thing). They were all healthy and progressed through their infancy quite well.

I still find it amazing how the nurses and technicians in the NICU (Natal Intensive Care Unit) are able to find the tiny veins needed to insert feeding and medical needles for the child's health. But they do it and do it well.

After many weeks of nurturing the triplet girls were allowed to go home with their mommy and daddy where feeding and caring and cleaning became a never ending chore. These few videos cover the first few months of these precious girl's lives. A wonderful miracle of new life and success against many odds.

Triplet Video #1

The Early Times Are Amazing