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What a delightful time this year's visit was! We had fun and laughter every day in spite of the rainy and gloomy weather.

We stopped at Whitney Lake enroute to Fair Oaks Ranch and skipped stones on the water. We played on our scooter and the park fixtures in Cranfels Gap. Somehow we made the trip seem not so long.

Pancakes with names, play in the Norman Vestal Park, checking on Bluebird boxes and nests, riding scooters on the deck and driveway, walking the trail, and riding in the back of the truck were some of the action we saw.

We also fed the ducks in Boerne, played in Patata's office, visited a lot of people who called us adorable, shopped at Walmart, Skyped with Mommy and Daddy, and played in the Family Room.

Then we had a humongous pancake with sausage at a local restaurant, had lunch in the Tower Restaurant, rode the river boat, planted gladiolas, and slept with Nana and Patata because of thunderstorms making lots of noise outside. Next we saw the Zootopia movie, rode our scooteers, watched a little TV, and had pork chops and mac-n-cheese for supper.

The last day was rainy but we went to the Aquarium where we got to feed Sting Rays, fish, and birds. What a great time it was. We grabbed Patata's camera and took a lot of pictures. Then we cleaned up our mess in the house and packed for the trip home.

We hope you enjoy the pictures. And don't forget to check out the following videos and close the window to come back here:

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