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We had the pleasure of hosting our triplet twins for a week following Father's Day this year. It was a precious time with a couple outstanding and unusual events/activities. I could write a novelette about all we did but let me condense it to a few simple statements and include a few videos at the end for your enjoyment.

  • We bought a new lawn tractor
  • We played in the park, on the trail, and on the motorcycle
  • We ate Mexican food and watched some foxes play on our deck
  • We swam at the Mann's pool and rode our neighbor's four wheeler
  • We had a terrific and favorite time at the tower restaurant and movie
  • We visited the Aquarium and petted Bat Rays, sharks, and fed parakeets
  • We drew pictures and other things and pestered Nana and Patata with all manner of enjoyable things

The highlight event was our sideline view of a fox family that gave us no end of enjoyment. You can see this and others in the following videos:

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