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The Triplets

The month of March 2009 saw dramatic growth for the triplets. They sprouted out of their tiny-ness and began to look like the beautiful babies that they were. They spent most of their time in incubaters with masks over their eyes as thought they were bank robbers. This was to simulate them still protected inside.

Andi and Piper spent most of the month of March in the hospital before they were strong enough to be released for the trip home. Bella followed shortly after in early April. Because of her extremely small size at birth it took a few more days of care before she was ready.

The routine of feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing began in ernest and with three of the little urchins, it was a challenge. Mom and Dad did wonderfully in caring for their charges and made the grand parents proud indeed. Everyone got to help out - Aunts and Uncles, Grand-parents and friends. At times, the help was drastically needed or the parents would have become exhausted. But what a blessing it was to assist.

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