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February 7, 2016 - Andi And Bella 7th Birthday Celebration

Andi and Bella celebrated their 7th birthday on Sunday, February 7, 2016. They hosted a party at the Interskate Roller Skate facility in Lewisville, Texas. Many of their friends were there and everyone had a great time.

During the skating period, the establishment held a short ceremony for the girls and other birthday attendees in the center of the skating rink. It was a special tribute to the birthday children.

After an hour or so of skating and falling and having general fun, the girls and friends moved to a small room for pizza and cake and sodas. There was a balloon woman who provided an unlimited supply of balloon characters for the young attendees. Songs and a beautiful cake rounded up the activities.

Once home we all went outside and released helium filled balloons and sang happy birthday to Piper who shares this birthday with Andi and Bella. We watched them ascend into the sky until we could no longer see them.

Following that ceremony, we returned inside where the girls opened presents that seemed to have no end. It was like Christmas all over again. All in all a great birthday time for two precious young ladies.

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